"Wasabi Warriors"
is the pilot episode of Kickin' It and the first one aired. The episode is the debut appearance for the six main characters.


Jack, the new kid in town, has gotten into some trouble while skateboarding through the mall, he acciedentally crashes through the wall of the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Acadamy. The Sensei, Rudy, has told him he'd go to juvie, but on one condition: join the dojo. He promises to do so, but his new friend Kim tries leading him to the Black Dragon Dojo instead. But he keeps his promise and stays with the Bobby Wasabi Dojo, that is until he finds out from Rudy that he wouldn't have been sent to juvie. Though, later on, when he sees his friends sad at the fact that the dojo will be shut down. So he decides to rejoin the dojo and save it by encouraging the students and himself to win two yellow belts at a tournament against the Black Dragons.


  • This was the first episode we see Jack, Kim, Rudy, Milton, Jerry, or Eddie.
  • The show's theme song, "Kickin' It with You", was played twice in the episode. Once, in the opening sequence, and again, in a training montage.
  • Loni Love guest stars as Marge.
  • Wayne Dalglish guest stars as Frank.
  • Ian Reed Kelser guest stars as Sensei Ty.
  • Bryan Offutt guest stars as Milton's Dad.
  • Chris Coppola guest stars as Officer Bloat.

References and ParodiesEdit

  • In the beginning and end where Jack gets Kim's apple (and reverse) with his shoe and then hands it to her could be a reference to Twilight.
  • The Bobby Wasabi movies are a parody of cheesy Kung Fu movies.
  • They have an unspoken reference to The Karate Kid when the Black Dragons try to break Jack's knee and have a dramatic moment.