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 Rudy Gillespie  is the owner of the Bobbi Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. He encourages his students and tells them that karate is not about hurting each other or fights at schools but it does  teaches you defense, protection and discipline

I think in the episode of sole brothers he said it to himself not me he said yeah bethany you should have doubted me because I am a liar

He likes to make things up, lie and he is never honest with anything so I think he should not be their sensei if he is like this I thought that a sensi never lies or make things up also he is afraid of Trent Darby and  he is fighting with Ty for the past 15 years and most of the things he is saying are mostly lies again he said not me don't believe me ask rudy about it and he will tell you and I think they are going to keep the dojo but I will replace rudy with me as their sensei I have more trust, more respect and  being loyal to them and I also   and I know the true mening of friendship  and he doesn't  and there is nothing  they could do about it and there is no worth fighting for it is done which I will be telling Bobby Wasabi 

And if he doesn't tell them the truth about who he really is then he should not be ther sensei and I will talk to Rudy about this and to see if he is ready to admit all of the things he did to them  then I will be their sensei  he may be good in karate and has a good heart but he would never know honesty or the true meaning of frienship or anything like that. Rudy is not teaching you the things you should learn he does the opposite instead he is teaching you that lying is okay and that you would use karate whenever you want but he is wrong everything he has been saying to you they are not true if you were to look at him and ask him about this you will believe that he is lying and making things up If it was me I would have helped you to be better in karate but in separate ways and Listen to everything you are saying to me and would have given you at least bathroom breaks and then go back to karate but does Rudy do this things to you I get it he is tough on you because he cares about you but he should not keep pushing you all the way to the limit and by that being said is that he shouldn't keep pushing you that you would become tired and I'm sure that you are getting to the point that I am trying to make And Rudy let me tell you something you have been fighting with TY for over 15 years and you are afraid of Trent Darby and now you continue to lie and make things up when is it going to end I'm dead serious you keep saying that this will be over and yet it is still going on either you stop  or I put a stop to it when I say this it will be done, over and you are  finished  and there is nothing you can do about it and if things are not the way I want it to be then I will be their sensei permanentely look Rudy you are good at karate and have a good heart but I just don't think you are a good sensei Rudy always like to be on top of everything Rudy this, Rudy that it always has to be about him everytime he has a problem with someone he always starts to fight there are only 2 things he is good at fighting, making this up and to lie he always like this so stop defending him and stop calling him your friend he is always lkie this and always has been and he can walk out on you whenever he wants let me ask you a question and it is only for the  students do you believe everything Rudy is saying to you  is true and  you don't know Rudy like me he could do whatever he wants and if he is going to get away from it that's fine by me Look Rudy I amy not be better than you at karate but I know that I can be the a better sensei than you are and it is done If I should fight you and mess you up badly I would  even If I tell Bobby Wasabi or he finds out for himself anyway you are done it's over Rudy always likes to fight anyone he has a problem with and likes to lie and makes things up so stop sticking up to him  he always likes to do things his way everything is all about Rudy and he thinks that fighting and lying is okay and that he can do whatever he wants and that is fine by me he can just walk out of the dojo and that he would be on his own I am just saying that you are not being a good sensei to them and I think they should be treated with respect and a bit more loyalty   and that is not what you are giving to them I can be a better sensei than you this is for the students you know I can be a better sensei, a good friend and to have a good manager