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Milton David Krupnick (portrayed by Dylan Riley Synder) is the lovable nerd from the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Acadamy. He is very outgoing and brave, at lease some of the time. When he was born his parents thought he was a baby bird. His skin is "translucent" not pasty as some people call him. He enjoys to L.A.R.P., Live-Action Role Play, in his free time as well as do karate. He often mentions of disturbing things he's seen, saying that he sees things kids his age shouldn't see. He is very important to the main plot of "Fat Chance" in which he defends the janitor who saved his life who is also a former sumo wrestler.


  • He has also been to the Ice Capades, but thinks Jack's karate moves are even better.
  • Milton used to take french horn lessons, but he quit to do karate to defend himself against bullies who beat him up for taking french horn lessons.
  • He is not very good at cutting a well cooked piece of fish either.
  • He sometimes refers to himself as Milton "The Missile" Krupnick as seen in "Dummy Dancing"
  • On Waxing Wednesday, he plays a game where he slides down the hall on a food tray and tries to go down as far as he can as seen in "Dummy Dancing". His record is 47 floor tiles, which he broke in the episode.
  • When his father showed him his own birth video he wrapped himself up in bubblewrap and sat in the basement. His family is quite inappropriate.
  • His father wants him to take french horn lessons instead of karate.