Kick(Jack and Kim) Is the romantic pairing of Jack and Kim. In various episodes it is obvious they have crushes on each other.Other names for Kick are Kack, and Jim.

Kick Brewford is a combination of their first and last names. (Ki/m Ja/ck Brew/er Craw/ford)

Wasabi WarriorsEdit

  • Jack picks up Kim's apple with his foot when she drops it.
  • Kim is the first person to meet Jack.
  • Kim tries to convince Jack to join the Black Dragons.
  • Jack thinks that Kim has a crush on him.
  • Kim quits the Black Dragons for Jack.
  • Kim joins the Wasabi Warriors

Official Kick things

Official Kick color-purple

  • Officiak Kick songs-
  • He could be the one
  • Smile
  • Kissin U
  • One in a million

Official Kick Place-Seaford Cafeteria

Official Kick animal-Lamb