Jerry looks like a turkey in a thong!

"Fat Chance" is the second aired, and second produced, episode of Kickin' It


The second episode surrounds around Milton, who attempts to place his spelling bee trophy next to Jack's gymnastics one, he ends up falling of the ladder and being cought by one of the janitors: Yoshi  Nakamura. To show his appreciation for the life-saver, Milton bakes him a cake. But while looking for him in the janitorial closet, he and the Bobby Wasabi gang find out that he is a former sumo wrestler. Nakamura talks about his past career later at lunch, but when Kim asks him to do his famous victory dance, The Nakamura Stomp, he gets in trouble with the principal. Milton stands up for him, but ends up getting him fired. The kids then come up with an idea to get him back on the horse (he doesn't actually own a pony): have him fight another sumo wrestler at the dojo. Though, Nakamura has his worries, as his opponent is the one who ruined his career. But after Milton steps in for him temporarily, he decides to fight, he ends up winning. Meanwhile, Rudy finds out that there is storage space under the dojo. He goes down there to put his stuff, only to find Lonnie, from Reptile World, already taking ownership of it. They then fight for it, until they decide to share it as a mancave. Unfortunately, Lonnie takes it over after Rudy hogs the TV.