"Dummy Dancing" is the third aired and the fifth produced episode of Kickin' It. This episode features a guest appearance by iCarly's Reed Alexander.


The episode opens with the gang, Jack, Milton, Kim, Eddie, and Jerry in the school hallway, ready to start their favorite activity, besides martial arts: sliding through the hallways on lunch trays. Truman later enters mocking the kids. After a quick conversation with Truman, Milton slides through the halls beating Jack's record and a paper mache solar system project. They suspect someone greased his tray. Jerry becomes the victim of the next prank, when he sees that the shampoo at the dojo has been replaced with pink hair dye. More pranks happen and make victims out of all of the game except for Eddie. They warn him, but he warns them and admits he's been the one pulling the pranks. The reason being, Truman got a hold of a security video of Eddie practicing his ballroom dancing with a punching dummy. And if he doesn't do what Truman says, it will go on the internet and humiliate him. The kids then create a plan to retrieve Truman's flash drive. While Kim distracts the security guard, and Jerry distracts the security guard's dog, Milton and Jack get the drive and make their way out of the mall. Later that day, Truman finds out about their successful plan and asks them to return the flash drive. The gang instead shows him a video they took: his tantrum. Truman begs them to delete it. The guys do so and they agree to delete both videos and have Truman never mess with them again. Meanwhile, Lonnie's pet Brazillian Monkey Lizard eat Rudy's prized grain of rice with the Wasabi Code engraved on it. Lonnie informs that the lizard poops once a year. So the two make the reptile think the seasons are changing. He, fortunately, poops the grain out in the end, but, unfortunately, eats it again making them repeat what they did.