"Dojo Day Afternoon" is the fourth episode produced and aired for the show Kickin' It.


The episode opens on another day at the Bobby Wasabi dojo, and the gang is checking out the mall's new brochure mentioning the future changes including new moving of the baby changing station and the closing of the dojo. Once they find out about this horrible change in the making, Rudy invites the mall's owner and his son to discuss the change. During Rudy's discussion, the owner's son, Arthur, "makes friends" and shows off his karate moves, only to break their trophies. After hearing the trophies break, Rudy goes out to see what's happened. Once he learns that Arthur did it, he lets it slide and says "acciedents happen". Afterwards, he announces that Arthur is joining the dojo. Later, Jack talks to Rudy about the problem with Arthur, but Rudy explains he's saving the dojo. Rudy then gets Jack to promise to try and make friends with him. But after a lot of pranks and snarky comments and even telling Jack he doesn't know anything about karate, Jack and Arthur fight. Rudy and Arthur's dad arrive soon after the fight began and find Arthur thrown in to a wall. Arthur's dad then asks Rudy to kick Jack out of the dojo, but he stops there and says no. They are then told that they have to get out so that they can take down the acadamy. To